Hui Lanakila Canoe Club
Honolulu, HI

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Rev 2019-03-30

Men & Women Pre-Season – Ended

Wednesday / Friday

Coach: Byron Martinez


Monday / Wednesday / Friday

5:30pm – 7:30pm, Weekly
Coaches: Byron Martinez

women's REGULAR SEASON* – Now

Tuesday / Thursday / Friday

5:30pm – 7:30pm, Weekly
Coaches: Byron Martinez

keiki (18 & Under) REGULAR SEASON – Now

Tuesday / Thursday / Friday

4:00pm – 5:30pm, Weekly
Coaches: Lori Nakamura, Reggie Kaaunui

*Practices may include weekends during Long-Distance Season.

2019 Season Practices

The Oahu Hawaii Canoe Racing Association (OHCRA) schedule splits race paddling into 3 seasons: Pre-Season Distance (March - early April), Regatta season (early April - late August), and Long-Distance season (late August - October). Together, Regatta and Long-Distance are considered Regular season. Paddlers are NOT required to participate in all seasons. See our Frequently Asked Questions for more info.

Our practice site is located at the corner Kapiolani Blvd and McCully Street (diagonal to McCully Shopping Center), next to the Ala Wai Community Park soccer field along the canal. Look for the canoes with red/blue/yellow stripes. Practice runs are generally held within the Ala Wai canal and out into Waikiki Beach all the way up until Diamond Head.

Please be prompt and arrive early if possible with your paddle, a bottle of water, slippers, a towel to dry off after, and a positive attitude - unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated. Keep note some practices may run longer than expected. For questions about a practice day, contact your coach beforehand.

New to paddling? Before you jump in a wa`a, refer to HCRA's Race Rules to find out what division you fit in and the rules of race paddling.


We have a fleet of 10 canoes, which includes two koa canoes used only for regatta races. Please be respectful and refrain from any mishandling of our canoes and equipment.

Koa Canoes (Regatta only)

Shaped by Leighton Look
Ka`iholo Kai

Fiberglass Canoes

Holo Kapalulu - Mirage
Huaka`i I Kā Lanakila - Mirage
Kawaili`ula - Mirage
Kīkaha - Mirage
Tere Maita`i - Mirage
Kalanakilahou - Bradley Striker
Kiai La`a o Leahi- Bradley Lightning
Lehu uila Nō Ka Lawai`a - Bradley Lightning